Oh wait, something is different here?!

If you thought exactly that, you can calm down, your brain is still working fine!

What happened?

As you might know, I am a huge fan of hugo, a static site generator, and was building my blog with it for the last year. And I still think it's an awesome tool to build websites - the only thing you need to know are markdown basics. Static sites are fast and the majority of prebuild hugo themes are responsive as well.

But I had some issues lately with my personal favorite Theme "Loveit" and Content Layout Shifting - Long Story Short: I couldn't fix the issues I've had and I started looking for an alternative.


Ghost was on my radar for years. So I wanted to try it this time. And so far I like it a lot.

I've installed it easily on my main webserver via Docker and it uses my already running MySQL Database. The setup needed like 5min. Reverse Proxy also handles the certificate. Easy...

What enhances the contribution to my blog is, that I'm now able to write something while I'm on my phone, for example during my break at work. I don't need my Computer no more and build with Hugo before everythings is transfered online.

Content is missing!

Yes you're right. Some of my old content is missing right now. The Problem is, that a few of my posts had advanced theme-specific code in it, which just doesn't work on Ghost. So there is a lotta work to do before I can re-post these.

That being said, I'm also not 100% sure if I will repost all old posts, as some content seems deprecated and not interesting for the majority of people who landed here.

The Android-Customization posts will come back for sure. But I want to do things a bit differently now.

What I want to do now?

I will keep Ghost for at least a year and see if I'm getting along with it. There are still parts I need to discover, minor things, like adding own fonts lol...

Besides that my plan is so fill up the blog way more as in the past. Blogging is more fun than I thought and yeah, I want to post more content in 2022. Let's see how it'll work out.

Thanks for the support!