Some of my own favorite Android Setups

Hey y'all! As you might have recognized I haven't shared a setup on social media lately. So I decided to share something like a top-list of my favorite setups!


My Color Experiment

As I was experimenting with KLWPs Bitmap Color Palette, I created this setup kinda by accident. I've found this beautiful wallpaper by the talented Alena Aenami somewhere on reddit and it harmonized very well with the layout. The icons are early tries to make a custom colored icon pack out of F#Minor's Worst Lust. They aren't perfect at all, but I still like the overall look of the setup.

Used: Nova Launcher, KLWP, Madness, Substratum Lite, own icons, Lockscreen Widgets, KWGT.

Coral Colors

Not just KLWP, a whole themed OxygenOS and apps!

With this setup i went "All-In". Weeks of dissecting OxygenOS11, a lot of trial and error lead to this one. The setup is highly inspired by Kennyroo and Alo. The most fun was including statusbar elements into the wallpaper. you can see signal strength, wifi strength and battery and an analog clock totally included in the whole style scheme.

Used: OxygenOS11, Nova Launcher, KLWP (own), Substratum Lite (own), Magisk Modules (own), Dosis Font, Gboard, Rboard, Icons, Wallpaper by Kennyroo, Madness, Lockscreen Widgets, KWGT for the Lockscreen Clock.


A highly Japanese inspired setup.

I really like these city at night - wallpapers but I never knew what to do with them in terms of a working setup for me. So I tried hard to create something which is enough usable (enough apps on the homescreen) without disturbing the wallpaper. I guess the typical Loner style works pretty good here. I labeled the windows with japanese text as well, to match the atmosphere and accentuated the colors of the KLWP with colors of the wallpaper.

Used: Nova Launcher, KLWP, Loner Kustoms, Worst Lust Icons, Lockscreen Widgets, KWGT, Substratum Lite (own).


Knock knock knocking on heavun's door.

This setup is pretty similar to Loneliness but way more polished on terms of color matching. It's a minimal desktop orientated (like many of my setups) layout with an interactive KLWP. You can control the windows and change the display to a clean homescreen, or a homescreen full of apps and informations and a media-player.

Used: Nova Launcher, KLWP, Loner Kustoms, Worst Lust Icons, Substratum Lite (own), Madness, Lockscreen Widgets, KWGT

I hope you liked my tiny post about some of my favorite setups. Maybe I will share some in the future too, because I don't post that often on mainstream social media no more.